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We’ve had the privilege of doing both. Our cabal has grown into a thriving culture of interdisciplinary harmony, where designers work with social media specialists; event producers work with video producers; writers work with partnership strategists; and web developers work with creative directors. Here, people care a lot about each other, and for our clients, as we toil away 24/7 solving their most challenging problems.

  • Mike Salvadore, Partne/SVP, Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Mike Salvadore

    Partner/SVP, Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Savvy, laser-focused, and direct, Mike channels his inner New Yorker to drive strategies that lead to engagement. If you love ROI, Syracuse hoops, and a good Cabernet, chances are you’ll love Mike.

  • Kerry Murphy, Partner/SVP, Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Kerry Murphy

    Partner/SVP, Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Idea machine/nap enthusiast.

  • Mark Dyce-Ryan, Partner/SVP, PR & Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Mark Dyce-Ryan

    Partner/SVP, PR & Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Seems Mark is life-long besties with about 90% of Seattle’s population. Probably because they value passion, humor, emotion, vulnerability and unbridled honesty, which is what Mark brings to the party every time.

  • Tad Harmon, Partner, Executive Creative Director

    Tad Harmon

    Partner, Executive Creative Director

    I don’t know the key to success. But the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

  • Evan Konecky, Director, Creative Services

    Evan Konecky

    Director, Creative Services

    Chief cook and bottle washer.

  • Natalie Nystrom, Director, Consumer Engagement

    Natalie Nystrom

    Director, Consumer Engagement

    Itinerary Duchess, Wife, Fitness & Health Cheerleader, Sport Fiend, Marketing Strategist. I approach living, working, dreaming and loving all similarly and quite simply: Go Hard or Go Home (with no regrets).

  • Kyle Lane, Director, Finance

    Kyle Lane

    Director, Finance

    Curator of financial data, connoisseur of fine spreadsheets, and facilitator of efficient and accurate financial operations.

  • Mike Grigg, Associate Creative Director / Interactive

    Mike Grigg

    Associate Creative Director / Interactive

    He came out of the terrible volcanic badlands where nothing can live, riding a giant red stallion no other man could put a hand to.

  • Colleen Ando, Senior Art Director & Studio Director

    Colleen Ando

    Senior Art Director & Studio Director

    Obsessed with style, design, photography, typography, color, culture and shoes.

  • Rachel Roebuck, Art Director

    Rachel Roebuck

    Art Director

    I used to get in trouble for daydreaming and doodling in school. Now it’s my job.

  • Kat Bryant Flaherty , Director, Consumer Engagement

    Kat Bryant Flaherty

    Director, Consumer Engagement

    “Most Irish Name” Award Winner (2008)

  • Bridgette MacDonald, Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Bridgette MacDonald

    Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Hi MTV, welcome to my crib.

  • Zoe Burgess, Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Zoe Burgess

    Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Work hard play hard. West Coast. Logophile. Free spirit. Kiwi. Perfectionist. Traveler. The most un-only only-child we know.

  • Isabel Arcelia Trujillo, Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Isabel Arcelia Trujillo

    Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Isabel is 206's in-house millennial focus group of one, with a passion for pop culture, disposable cameras and being good at the internet. She also loves spreadsheets. And marketing. Isabel loves her job.

  • Noelle Firth, Director, Consumer Engagement

    Noelle Firth

    Director, Consumer Engagement

    Guru of getting things done. Lover of snow, sun, baby snuggles, extra tall pants, and gin & tonics.

  • Kisa Nishimoto, Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Kisa Nishimoto

    Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Noodle fanatic<br/>I brainstorm and implement<br/>Avid bus rider

  • Arry Chanthamaly, Junior Designer

    Arry Chanthamaly

    Junior Designer

    Ex-Pokemon Trainer turned designer. Wu-tang forever.

  • Alisha Beck, Associate Producer/Traffic Coordinator

    Alisha Beck

    Associate Producer/Traffic Coordinator

    A West Seattleite who adores Luna's hot fudge milkshakes, frequents the library during lunch and is always on the prowl for ceramic owls and delicious Mexican food.

  • Derek Knies, Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Derek Knies

    Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Everybody has their own path. It’s laid out for you. It’s just up to you to walk it.

  • Steven Miller, Pixel Pusher, E-Pro

    Steven Miller

    Pixel Pusher, E-Pro

    Google me. I dare you.

  • Kelsey Kaufman , Associate Manager, Public Relations

    Kelsey Kaufman

    Associate Manager, Public Relations

    Part-time pizza snob/vintage fiend/adventure chaser. Full-time cat mom/list maker/storyteller.

  • Kim Thomas , Associate Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Kim Thomas

    Associate Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Every night is karaoke night.

  • Lauren Keckley , Director, Event Production

    Lauren Keckley

    Director, Event Production

    Always on the hunt for Mo, Mo, Mo: mo’creative, mo’strategy, mo’adventure, mo’awesome! ~ 90’s music enthusiast. Organizational guru. Popcorn connoisseur.

  • Luis Infante , Senior 3D Designer

    Luis Infante

    Senior 3D Designer

    Space Ranger. Loves: Coffee, Lego, The Third Dimension, Science, Technology, The Future. "You don't become a hero by being normal."

  • Joe Mattson , Director, Consumer Engagement

    Joe Mattson

    Director, Consumer Engagement

    Shucks Oysters with care and precision. Daydreams of ton eighties. A lead blocker. A whiteboard enthusiast. A major weeper.

  • Alexandra Wilson , Associate Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Alexandra Wilson

    Associate Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Voted most likely to recycle 2010. Gold medalist in eating Mexican food for (nearly) every meal. Ali MacGraw is my doppelganger.

  • Elyssa Dahl , Associate Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Elyssa Dahl

    Associate Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Dedicated to dim sum brunch, befriending cats on the sidewalk, and always picking coffee over tea.

  • Jasmine Goodwin , Associate Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Jasmine Goodwin

    Associate Manager, Consumer Engagement

    “Does this come in black?”

  • Cindy Douglas , Administrative Assistant

    Cindy Douglas

    Administrative Assistant

    House Mother, Cat Herder, Finder of lost things. Compulsive Nester, List Maker and Grammar Snob. Lover of Pixar and all things absurd and silly. Is that Disco music streaming from her desk? Why, yes.yes it is.

  • Anthony Mannino , Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Anthony Mannino

    Manager, Consumer Engagement

    4 star one $ on yelp is my diet. Sci-Fi Nerd. All things soccer

  • Kayleigh Knapp , Associate Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Kayleigh Knapp

    Associate Manager, Consumer Engagement

    Ex water polo player and giraffe associate. Hopped cider seeker. Still waiting on my Hogwarts letter.

  • Chewy , Office Dog


    Office Dog

    Are you gonna eat that?

    Mike Salvadore, Partner/SVP, Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Mike Salvadore

    Partner/SVP, Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Mike is a veteran of promotions and customer marketing, having orchestrated award-winning programs and strategies for a variety of national and international brands from both client and agency sides of the table. His knowledge and experience has helped further a trend of strategic and synergistic brand partnerships, about which he has spoken at various conferences. Prior to 206, Mike was the first Director of Promotions at RealNetworks, where he spearheaded partnerships with major consumer brands. Prior to that, his role as head of marketing, licensing and business development at Humongous Entertainment, helped the company grow to become the 3rd largest kids software publisher.

    Over the years, he has built promotions and partnerships that have featured multi-national brands including Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Post Cereal, Old Navy, and Burger King, to name a few.

    Kerry Murphy, Partner/SVP, Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Kerry Murphy

    Partner/SVP, Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Published author, creative strategist, foodie, music industry insider, experiential marketing expert—and 206's very own Ironman—Kerry’s roots were established in the recording and entertainment industry in LA and in Seattle. She held positions at several successful labels including Sub Pop Records and Geffen. At Sub Pop, Kerry’s marketing campaigns were recognized by Billboard Magazine as, "the future of music marketing."

    Kerry also managed content acquisition, business development and daily publishing for RealNetworks’ music properties. Kerry was named to the Puget Sound Business Journals 2009 "40 Under 40," spotlighting business leaders who excel in their industries and show dynamic leadership. Kerry completed her first Ironman triathlon in November 2009 and is still complaining about the chafing.

    Mark Dyce-Ryan, Partner/SVP, PR & Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Mark Dyce-Ryan

    Partner/SVP, PR & Consumer Engagement Strategy

    Mark has spent the past 18 years as a successful public relations strategist, cause marketer, promoter, advisor and event producer. He has consulted a local, national and international roster of commercial clients that includes The Boeing Company, Holland America, Nike, Toyota, Immunex and Japan’s Hamtaro and Shonen Jump, in addition to numerous government agencies and non-profits, including Athletes With Heart, a fundraising project with the National Parkinson Foundation and Muhammad Ali.

    He played a critical role in the revitalization of the retail core of downtown Seattle, working as a liaison and consultant between national retailers such as Banana Republic, Gameworks and the Gap, and the City of Seattle.

    Tad Harmon, Partner, Executive Creative Director

    Tad Harmon

    Partner, Executive Creative Director

    Tad is a partner and the creative director for 206inc where he leads the development of integrated campaign development for clients like Amazon, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Levi’s, Toyota and a host of locally-based clients. He is well-versed in the disciplines that inspire consumer connection, including brand and content creation, 2D, 3D and experiential design, photography, video and interactive based creative. Tad’s career started at one of Seattle’s foremost design firms, TMA, and then after working in New York City, took on a director level position with Edelstein Advertising where he was part of the team that served the global fashion industry and pioneered the integrated development of store-within-stores for clients like Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and Generra. In the 90s he co-founded what grew to become one of the west coast’s largest independent agencies, Imagio, which was ultimately acquired by JWT of WPP. He was then recruited to serve as an internal creative director at Microsoft on the Brand Strategy and Insights Team. Prior to 206 he was executive creative director for the Seattle office of Razorfish.